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Suspected Terrorists Arrested in Lukaya, Butambala

Fred Enanga, the Uganda Police Force (UPF) spokesperson. Courtesy Photo


Uganda Police Force (UPF) says its Directorate of Crime Intelligence and Counter-terrorism units have arrested suspected terrorists in Lukaya, Kalungu District, and in Bulo, Butambala District.

The seven were arrested in raids on two hideouts.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga declined to name the seven suspected terrorists.

But he said they had offered helpful  clues on their targets, as well as the person motivating them to carry out attacks.

“Upon interrogation, they clearly indicated how they were being inspired, to carry out attacks on security personnel and VIP installations, within the country, by Imam Sulaiman Nsubuga, of the Lweza ADF Cell, who is still at large,” said Enanga.

“We are aware of the planned attacks on security personnel and continue to review our security posture, in the face of these targeted threats.”

The arrests were made almost three months since the suicide attacks at the Kampala Central Police Station (CPS) and along Parliamentary Avenue.

Enanga says the terrorism threat still exists, and called for vigilance.

“Although we have now entered day 80, since the deadly suicide attacks occurred at CPS and Parliamentary Avenue, we have credible information indicating that, these hostile groups are determined to carry out attacks to reveal their existence. Their tactics include use of suicide bombers, attacks on VIP’s and security personnel, ride along shoot and kill, on bodabodas, use of AK 47 SMG random attacks and bomber attacks,” he noted.

“The threats are real and call for increased vigilance and caution, as people go about our daily activities.”

Months ago, a new rebel group allegedly plotting to remove Museveni from power was also exposed. (Read story here).


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