Stop Wasting Your Energy Pulling Down Bamuturaki & Uganda Airlines: Minister Katumba Wamala Tells Off Ugandans Attacking ‘Unqualified’ National Carrier Boss

Uganda Airlines CEO Jennifer Bamuturaki and Minister Katumba Wamala

Works and Transport Minister Gen Edward Katumba Wamala has complained about Ugandan citizens and media castigating Uganda Airlines Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jennifer Bamuturaki and the national carrier. 

This whole week, Bamuturaki and other officials from Uganda Airlines have been interfacing with members of Parliament on the Public Accounts Committee on Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (Cosase).

During the meetings, Bamuturaki and other officials made shocking revelations, including on the manner in which she was appointed CEO as well as her academic qualifications.

Now, Katumba Wamala says that Ugandans ought to be mindful of the effects of the negative reporting about the airline.

“I think there is something which as Ugandans we are missing. Yes, we may look good on the media, castigating an individual, downplaying that person or that individual but what is the far-reaching impact on the airline?” asked Katumba Wamala.

“As we send these negative social media tweets, do we think about the impact to that industry, as a country, as a Ugandan? Do you? Because this is not about the individual: this airline is not an individual’s airline, it’s a national asset; we want to promote a national asset.”

He called on Ugandans to stop injecting bad energy into failing the national airline. He further criticized the media for focusing on the scandals at the national carrier.

“But we spend a lot of energies trying to pull people down, dehumanizing people. It doesn’t help. We should instead be jealously protecting this young baby but we are not as Ugandans and it’s a shame. Let’s be proud of our thing. Other people are. Do you think there are no problems in other countries, in other airlines. Why are they collapsing? Are there no other airlines which have collapsed, why don’t they make the headlines on the media? Why should Uganda Airlines be the one to — every day, every other day — if a mistake is made, then you blow it out of proportion,” noted Katumba Wamala.

“I think Ugandans we need to refocus ourselves. This is a young industry, we killed our airline long ago. We are just trying to [see how] to bring it back. But we are spending more energies trying to pull it down, what should be the benefit. This is my appeal to you the media people that it doesn’t pay to shoot ourselves in our own foot. That is what you are doing.”

Meanwhile, a famous Museveni boy has claimed that even when she lacks the required academic documents, Bamuturaki was appointed by God’s angel. (Read Story Here).


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