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STOP PLAYING GAMES: Parliament Boss Fires Back at Bobi Wine Over Shs100m Bribe for Each MP to Pass Supplementary Budget

No Evidence Yet

NUP leader Bobi Wine. Photo/Courtesy: NUP

Uganda’s Parliament has blasted National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine after he alleged that Shs100m has been set aside for each MP who voted in favor of a Shs3.5tn supplementary budget.

Bobi Wine claimed that about Shs50bn has been included in the supplementary budget for MPs to share.

“It is challenging that out of the Shs3.5tn supplementary budget, Shs418bn is going to Museveni’s house. However there was an addendum of Shs55bn and out of this addendum each MP is going to receive a bribe of Shs100m for passing that supplementary,” said Bobi Wine.

“I want to warn our members of Parliament that we know about this. We have broken the news to the public. I will not defend or protect anybody that gets involved in this grand theft.”

STOP PLAYING GAMES: Parliament Boss Fires Back at Bobi Wine Over Shs100m Bribe for Each MP to Pass Supplementary Budget
Bobi Wine

But Bobi Wine did not offer evidence to prove his allegations. The general understanding among his party’s leadership is that the money was cunningly included in the State House supplementary figure.


Chris Obore, the Director, Communication & Public Affairs Parliament of Uganda, has accused Bobi Wine of disrespecting MPs with allegations he cannot defend.

“A supplementary budget comes with specific items to be funded except for classified items which are provided in law. Parliament exists to facilitate government to do work and after scrutinizing the supplementary, MPs passed it,” said Obore.

“It is not the first time government brings supplementary budget request to parliament. To impute that MPs passed it because there is Shs 100m for each of them is to disrespect MPs unnecessarily.”

Bobi Wine
Chris Obore

Accusing him of playing political games, Obore further tasked Bobi Wine, a former legislator for Kyadondo East, to tell the country if he was ever bribed to pass any supplementary during the time he was an MP.

“Hon Kyagulanyi Sentamu was MP and supplementary budgets were brought to the House and passed.  I don’t remember him or any MP being paid for passing the supplementary then,” continued Obore.

“The institution of parliament should not be tainted at the altar of toxic and unproductive political games. MPs need to be accorded some respect as individuals trusted by their constituents. Hold them to account without malice and blackmail.”

This is not the first time MPs are accused of chewing bribes. An MP from Bobi Wine’s party was on the spot over a Shs40m bribe he claimed he had picked from the speaker. (Read Story Here).

Away from Parliament, bribery remains a dangerous cancer in other ministries and agencies of government. Months ago, an executive director of an agency confessed he had given the board a Shs100m bribe. Also, a minister has previously revealed that an office typist tempted him with a Shs40m bribe. (See Details Here and There).

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