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Stella Nyanzi returns from ‘exile’ to ‘Museveni’s Uganda’ after Kenyans threatened to deport her for defending homosexuals, refugees

Controversial academic and politician Dr Stella Nyanzi has returned home in Uganda from exile after Kenyans threatened to deport her for defending refugees and homosexuals.

Nyanzi left Uganda days after losing her Kampala Woman MP bid to NUP’s Shamim Malende.

Nyanzi claimed her life and those of her children were in danger.

While in Kenya, Nyanzi attacked opposition politicians such as NUP leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine for being a worse dictator than President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni.

Stella Nyanzi: Bobi Wine a worse ‘dictator’ than Museveni

But Nyanzi fell in trouble with Kenyans on social media after she made online noise on the plight of refugees and homosexuals in Uganda’s eastern neighbor.

“Last night I briefly shared the sad news of the death of a refugee who was burnt along with several others in Block 13 of Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. I am still shocked by many of the responses,” Nyanzi said days ago.

“Another horribly evil group of human beings me to be quiet because I’m a foreigner seeking refuge in Kenya. They ordered me to politely stay in my place lest they would withdraw their hospitality to me in their country. They forced me to be grateful that refugees have taken advantage of Kenya’s relative peace to seek refuge here for many many years. They threateningly reminded me that the Kenyan government closed Kakuma and Dadaab camps and ordered all refugees to be withdrawn. They told me to go back home if I found Kenya hostile. This is Xenophobia!”

Nyanzi has now jetted back into the country through the Entebbe International Airport.

She said Kenyans has treated her well.

“It is great to be back home in Uganda. Thank you Kenya for being good to my family!” wrote Nyanzi.

‘Every human being deserves a holiday far from the madding crowd.”

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