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Stella Nyanzi: Bobi Wine a worse ‘dictator’ than Museveni

Controversial academic and politician Dr Stella Nyanzi says there is no difference between President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni and his rival Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Dr Nyanzi has recently been penning hard-hitting poems to Bobi Wine, attracting criticism from his supporters.

Consequently, Bobi Wine’s supporters reported Nyanzi’s account to Facebook, which warned the former Kampala Woman MP aspirant.

Seemingly unbothered by the warning, Nyanzi has suggested Bobi Wine is worse than Museveni.

“Between Dictator Museveni and Dictator Kyagulanyi, I know that the old man imprisoned me, but he never got my posts criticising him removed from Facebook,” she wrote.

“Who is a worse dictator even when out of power?”

She has also penned the following poems comparing Bobi Wine and Museveni’s ‘dictatorships.’

Verse 1)
Museveni hates those who criticise him.
“I wiiiiru krashi yu!” he roars.
Kyagulanyi hates those who criticise him.
“Ityisss a robber-double sitaayilo,” he swags.
Dictatorships silence dissenters.

Verse 2)
Musevenists maul Museveni’s critics.
They threaten, intimidate and penalise dissent.
Kyagulanyists maul Kyagulanyi’s critics.
They threaten, intimidate and penalise dissent.
Dictatorships silence dissenters.

Verse 3)
Musevenists abduct, terrorise and lock up Museveni’s critics.
“Why do you dare touch God’s anointed?” They interrogate.
Kyagulanyists report and shut down social media spaces of Kyagulanyi’s critics.
“Mbwa gwe, Fadha asobya?” They query.
Dictatorships silence dissenters.

Verse 1)
Musevenism was under fire for shutting-down the internet last month.
The international community condemned this gag!
“The clown is no longer funny, mate!”
Free thinkers all over Africa rebuked him for muzzling freedoms.
“Baba Yoweri, where is your Ubuntu?”
East Africans were horrified by the e-blackhole in our region.
“Lakini, huyu Mzee ni adui-mchinjaji wa sauti.”
Ugandans suffered locally, even with updated VPNs.
“Katonda eby’omutimbagano tanabiyiga kututaasa ku Nakyemalira?”
I swear to God, Museveni is a dictator;
he murders free expression.
The UCC is his dictatorial gun, killing digital freedoms.

Verse 2)
Kyagulanyism must be put under the same fire for shutting down internet freedom.
The international community is silent about this gag!
“The singing freedom fighter needs aid to shutdown Ashburg’s Facebook page, mate!”
Freedom of expression advocates in Africa are mute about this gag.
“Dis Revolutionary descendant of our ancestors must be hailed for all he does!”
East Africans either feign ignorance or choose not to see this gag!
“Lasita wetu tunampenda sana, hatuwezi kusikia shida zake za sauti!”
Ugandans applauded the murder of local internet accounts of Bobi’s critiques.
“Ki Fuulu Figa bakikubye ekiji, ekinyampi ekyo!”
I swear to God, Kyagulanyi is a dictator;
He murders free expression.
The NUP SMOBS is his gun, killing digital freedoms.

Both NUP and NRM are gags.
Kyagulanyism and Musevenism both suck!
Bedbugs sucking out free expression from the Motherland.

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