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State House Lifts Lid on Rumored Museveni’s 300K Cash Grant 

State House Uganda. Courtesy Photo

State House has finally spoken out on reports of a trending social media post claiming that President Museveni is extending cash to the public.

For the past couple of days, social media has been awash with a widely shared message calling upon the public to apply for what has been termed as ‘the President Yoweri Museveni Hichilema 300,000 cash grant.”

In the social media post, authors were asking prospective beneficiaries to apply and sign up before they could have their purses reportedly filled.

Applicants are also being asked to share the opportunity with the rest of their contacts widely before they are cleared for the disbursement of the money.

Some gullible members of the public were beginning to get excited about the cash bonanza.

But State House has issued strict guidelines to the public to stay away from the scammy promotion lest they are conned of their hard-earned money by the unscrupulous schemers behind the fake advert.

According to the Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Faruk Kirunda, the message is fake and the general public is warned to disregard it.

State House Lifts Lid on Rumored Museveni's 300K Cash Grant 
Faruk Kirunda

“The message doing rounds on social media to the effect that ‘President Yoweri Museveni Hichilema 300,000UGX cash grant is open’ and those wanting to benefit should apply is fake,” said Kirunda.

“The said cash grant doesn’t exist. Please, disregard it!”

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