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Ssemujju Nganda ‘Destroys’ Security Minister Jim Muhwezi on Live TV: We Don’t Love You as Our Rulers, We Fear You

Jim Muhwezi and Ssemujju.

Security minister Maj Gen (Rtd) Jim Muhwezi and FDC Spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, both MPs in the 11th Parliament, clashed during Thursday night’s NTV on the Spot.

The show, hosted by Patrick Kamara, discussed security in the Great Lakes Region.

During the debate, Ssemujju made it clear to Muhwezi that some Ugandans don’t love the Museveni Government but fear those who rule over them.

“You rule us because you wield guns and we may fear, not because we love you. If I say something you will kidnap me like you are kidnapping all our agents here in Kampala and taking them in unknown destinations,” said the Kira Municipality MP.

“People who run the State think it’s their property and that is why Jim Muhwezi speaks the way he speaks. I think Gen Jim Muhwezi thinks he is a bigger shareholder in Uganda than myself or any other person.”

Below are some of the excerpts from the discussion:

On Security in Great Lakes Region…

Muhwezi: I came here to talk about Uganda’s security and not the security of Great Lakes Region, am not a Minister of Security in Congo am a Minister of Security in Uganda.

Ssemujju: I’m surprised that a minister responsible for security says he is limited to Uganda yet the problems he is explaining are also problems originating from the neighbors but we have also participated and it’s on record.

On Constitutional Amendments…

Ssemujju: You have been tearing the constitution apart

Muhwezi: Constitutionally

Ssemujju: Is there anything like tearing the constitution apart constitutionally?

Muhwezi: Is it cast in stones?

On Power and Force…

Ssemujju: You are in power because of force.

Muhwezi:  Are you in Parliament because of force too?

Ssemujju: Did you win genuinely?

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