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Ssegirinya: I Feel My Life is Fading Away, Save Me Oh God!

First Time MP Has Been In and Out of Hospital


Kawempe North MP Muhammad Ssegirinya has spoken out on his health condition after he was rushed to Nsambya Hospital in Kampala for medical attention.

Ssegirinya says he feels life is ebbing away from him despite all that the doctors have been doing to ensure that he recovers so as to serve his constituents better.

This week, Ssegirinya became unconscious while at his home and his family rushed him to Nsambya.

Days before he was admitted at Nsambya, Ssegirinya appeared at the launch of the headquarters of main opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) in Makerere Kavule.

A first-time Member of Parliament, Ssegirinya belongs to NUP whose leader is Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Speaking on his hospital bed at Nsambya, Ssegirinya said that his doctors have assured him that they will soon deal the diseases troubling him a blow.

“I have done everything the doctors have told me to do but the disease has refused to go away. This is the third time the disease is leading to my hospitalization. I was taken to Nairobi and I thought things would be okay but they did not. I ask God to save me,” said the MP.

Meanwhile, NUP leader Bobi Wine has asked Ugandans to pray for Ssegirinya who remains hospitalized. (Read Story Here).

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