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SPECIAL WOMAN IN JACOB OULANYAH’S LIFE: Meet Patricia Lakidi, the Woman Who Stood By Oulanyah in His Last Days on Earth

Patricia Lakidi, the special woman in Jacob Oulanyah's life

For anyone closely following speeches at events to celebrate the life of the late Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah, the name ‘Patricia Lakidi has come out so prominently.

Almost all the people familiar with the intricacies of Oulanyah’s treatment abroad as well as his final days on earth have praised Lakidi for standing by the former speaker and ex-Omoro County MP.

One had to listen to the speeches by close family members and friends at the vigils held at Oulanyah’s Muyenga home to realize that Lakidi was that special woman in the life of Oulanyah.

Lakidi was one of the four people who travelled with the then speaker when he was flown to Seattle in the US on the flight whose cost left tongues wagging. (Read Story Here).

She is also said to have footed part of Oulanyah’s hospital bills, including in Dubai where the former speaker was previously treated.

It is said that Lakidi was helpful to Oulanyah in many ways since the MP and his ex-wife Winnie Amoo divorced almost one decade ago.

She seemed to be a recognised member of the Oulanyah family.

During the April 06 national funeral service at Kololo, Oulanyah’s daughter Diana Achieng described Lakidi as ‘aunt.’

“When I saw my father in the hospital, I was in shock. I had never seen him that way. I hugged Aunt Patricia Lakidi and told her he would come out of it,” Achieng told mourners. 

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Patricia is a daughter to the late Prof Ocaya Lakidi and Joska Ocaya Lakidi.

Prof Lakidi was a political science lecturer at Makerere University while Joska was a Permanent Secretary for the Judiciary.

Patricia is an under secretary for the cabinet secretariat.

She is in her mid-40s and said to own properties in Naguru, Kampala and Gulu, among others.

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