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Sipapa & Lover in Tears as They’re Sent to Prison Over Robbery


Charles Olimu, a controversial city socialite and businessman, and his lover Shamira Rukia Nakiyemba have been remanded to Luzira Prison for allegedly taking part in the aggravated robbery of thousands of dollars from a South Sudanese national. 

According to state prosecutors handling the case, Sipapa (Olimu) and others who are yet to be arrested, while at Bunga Kawuku in Kampala’s Makindye Division on the night of August 19, 2022, robbed Jacob Arok Mul and Mary Ateng of $429, 000 (translating in Shs1.6bn).

Sipapa and his co-accused also reportedly stole a television set, mobile phones and an Apple MacBook.

Described as a dealer in vehicles, music promotions and gold, Sipapa, 33; and his girlfriend Nakayemba, a designer aged 23, were arraigned before Makindye Chief Magistrate’s Court Grade One Magistrate Lorna Patience Tukundane.

Tukundane six counts of aggravated robbery Sipapa and Nakayemba are charged with.

Given that aggravated robbery is a capital offence, only triable by the High Court, Sipapa and his lover were not allowed to take plea.

The magistrate also heard from state prosecutors who said that investigation into the case was still ongoing, with the hope of landing on more evidence to pin the suspects.

Tukundane then remanded Sipapa and Nakayemba to Luzira Prison, from where they will return for further mention of their case on September 19, 2022.

For more on the Sipapa aggravated robbery story, see our previous report HERE.

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