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Singer Tems vows to crush Bebe Cool’s Balls, cut off his ‘small useless Dick’ if he steps in Nigeria

Bebe Cool and Nigerian singer Temilade Openyi aka Tems

Nigerian singer Temilade Openyi aka Tems has threatened to castrate Ugandan musician Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool for his alleged role in her arrest as well as that of her manager Muyiwa Awoniyi and Stanley Omah Didia alias Omah Lay.

Police arrested the trio on December 13 over an illegal concert at Ddungu Resort Munyonyo in Kampala.

They were later arraigned before Makindye Magistrates Court on December 14, charged with doing acts likely to spread an infection disease contrary to section 171 of the Penal Code Act.

Court remanded them to Kigo and Kitalya Prisons until December 16.

But a day before their expected reappearance in court, the three were released after the state wrote to court and prisons informing them they had dropped charges against the three artistes.

Although Bebe Cool claimed to have played a key role in ensuring the trio’s release, Tems has accused the Gagamel boss of working behind the scenes to see to it that they got detained.

Tems accuses Bebe Cool of bribing Uganda Police Force (UPF) officers to keep the three Nigerian artistes behind bars.

“Bebe Cool, first of all, you are what I call a stinking dirty fu*king BI*CH. You called the police on us. YOU got us arrested. Dickless f*ck. Your friend broke into our room and took us after YOU called. Only for me to see you in the DPO’s office, chilling and laughing with him. Lmao in my presence and you thought I would sit there and allow you to speak to me. YOU are worse than sh*t,” Tems claimed.

“I know you before? Who the Fvck are you? You followed the police around and bribed them to send you pictures of our release papers so that you can look like you had anything to do with the release. See your head? Na pit latrine dey inside not brain.”

Still hurling insults at Bebe Cool, Tems has threatened to cut off Bebe Cool’s manhood if he ever sets foot in Nigeria.

“I swear AVOID Nigeria for the rest of your life. If you ever find out I’m in the same place as you. RUN for your life because I will not be in chains,” threatened Tems.

“And nothing will stop me from pouncing on you. You should cut off your dick, it’s clearly too small to be useful.”

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