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Singer Kanyomozi Finally Breaks Silence on Questions Over Her Baby Taj’s Father

Juliana and her son Taj

Songstress Juliana Kanyomoozi has finally lifted lid on perennial voices demanding to know who the father of her baby boy- Taj is.

After years grieving the untimely death of her sole child Kerron in July 2014, the “Nabikoowa” singer was remembered by God who gave her another baby boy whom she named Taj last year.

For over a year now, the paternity of baby Taj has consistently been a subject of intense speculation, with fans constantly putting the singing legend on the sword for explanations.

Now, the seemingly tired celebrity has opted to bring an end to the question once and for all.

She states in an interview with a local YouTuber:

“That is my private life and I kindly ask that you respect it because he is a very private person, does not like being in the lime light. He likes his privacy and I respect that but I also love my privacy as a family that’s why you’ve never known or seen him even though he’s been in my life for the last seven years,” Yana said. channel that despite the fact that she has dated the man responsible for her bundle of joy-Taj, the two have no intentions to go public for now.

Julian further explained that the mere fact that she has never showed off Taj’s face up until now is enough to tell how private she is and wondered why her baby daddy should be a big issue to the public.

“I’m very particular when it comes to what I reveal, when it comes to what I share publicly. For anyone who has known me as a public figure will tell you that all the way as far as 2000 when I joined the music industry, I tend to like to keep certain slices of my life private and that’s just how I live it. That’s how I find my peace.

“…… it’s the same thing with Taj, there is nothing like hiding him for some strange reason, no. I just chose to keep him private, I just chose to keep my family private and that includes his father,” The singer added.


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