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SHUTDOWN! Pastor Ssenyonga in Trouble as Angry Employees Forcefully Close Top TV, Radio Over Unpaid Salaries

Pastors Eva and Jackson Ssenyonga

There was drama at Top Media offices in Makerere Kavule in the capital Kampala after employees of Top Radio and Top TV, both owned by Christian Life Ministries Church Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga. 

The employees locked the media offices and refused to work until they have been paid their salaries.

The employees say they have not been paid for many months yet the cost of living is high and they have families to look after.

The employees have previously accused Ssenyonga of spending hundreds of millions on marriage parties of his children and on buying new vehicles while leaving them to work without being paid.

This was not the first time that Top Media and other Ssenyonga employees have complained of the failure or refusal by the ‘man of God’ to pay their salaries.

Employees have previously dragged Pastor Ssenyonga to a Museveni Government Ministry for reportedly refusing to pay them their salaries for many months. (Read Story Here).

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