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SHOCKING VIDEO: Government Officials Narrowly Survive Death as ‘New Bridge’ They Were Launching Collapsed


At least two government officials who had come to preside over an event for the commissioning of a foot bridge survived death by a whisker after the very ‘brand new bridge’ they had come to launch collapsed, nearly ending their lives. 

According to a video shared on social media, a man dressed in a black suit and a woman, believed to be government officials or local politicians, are seen cutting a ribbon as they commission the foot bridge.

But just before they could complete cutting the ribbon, the bridge underneath, the new foot bridge they were commissioning, collapses, nearly swallowing them.

Shocked, they hold onto each other as they scamper to safety. They are helped by some locals who had come to attend the commissioning, to rush away from the footbridge.

According to Africa Facts Zone, the video is said to have been recorded in Uganda’s western neighborhood of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The video has sparked debate on corruption and shoddy works in Africa.

It is not uncommon for roads to develop cracks before they are even commissioned or even for buildings under construction to collapse and kill people.

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