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SHOCKING VIDEO: City Prophet Unsettled as His Miracle Stick Reportedly Disappears; Beats Up Ushers Like Chicken Thieves

Prophet beating church members

A city prophet has left Ugandans in shock after he was filmed beating up church ushers like chicken thieves over an alleged miracle stick that is said to have disappeared in thin air. 

According to a video making rounds on social media, Prophet Denis Kintu of the Empowerment City Church (ECC), Kyesiga, Hoima City, is seen beating up men and women as a way of exorcising a demon that he believes had taken over their minds and caused them to either disobey or be negligent.

While it was not clear why the church members, most of them taken to be ushers, were being whipped, some have claimed that it was because an alleged ‘miracle stick’ for the prophet disappeared and that the ushers were being punished for being negligent.

In the video, the self-proclaimed prophet made it clear that those who will refuse to be whipped will never be allowed to touch the microphone.

The idea that a prophet could beat church members left many shocked and wondering why the flock or sheep could not defy the instructions of the ‘man of God’ and refuse to be beaten senseless.

Some commenters even described those being beaten as foolish, brainwashed and gullible people who have put all their trust in a self styled they think is misleading this group of Christians.

Other people argued that the current economic situation in the country has left people so desperate, making it difficult for them to defy a man of God from whom they expect miracles to turn around their lives.

But this is not the first time a prophet or pastor has been filmed beating church members. A few months ago, a pastor and prophet beat up church members for refusing to pay tithe or a tenth (1/10) of their money to his church. (Read Story and Watch Video HERE).

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