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SHOCKING STATEMENT: Supreme Court Will Reject Raila Odinga Petition, Confirm William Ruto Fifth Kenyan President — US-Based Organization Claims

William Ruto. Courtesy Photo

Hours after judges of the Supreme Court of Kenya retreated to file their final judgements in the 2022 presidential election petition, a US-based organization has claimed that it is confident that the highest court in the land will reject Raila Amolo Odinga’s and Martha Wangari Karua’s petition and uphold William Samoei Ruto’s declaration as the fifth president of the Republic of Kenya. 

On Friday, September 02, Justices of the Supreme Court concluded their hearings in the petition, listening to submissions from lawyers of petitioners — mainly Odinga and Karua — as well as respondents — mainly Ruto and the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

At the end of the hearings and rejoinders on Friday, the Supreme Court’s President Chief Justice Martha Koome made it clear that the highest court of appeal in the land would deliver its final ruling on Monday, September 05, 2022.

But days to the final judgement, a US-based human rights organization has told Kenyans and the world that they are confident that Ruto’s election as the fifth president will be upheld.

International Human Rights Foundation (IHRF), an international organization which claims to be committed to the defense, broadcasting and teaching of human rights, relied on press reports and the hearings in the Supreme Court to conclude that Odinga and Karua had failed to offer convincing confidence on which the court would base to nullify Ruto’s victory.

The organization has since called on Odinga to accept the ruling that the Supreme Court will deliver on Monday.

“Latest news reports confirm the lack of evidence to support the opposition’s petitions regarding the scrutiny procedure. Apparently, allegations may arise from unfamiliarity with the technology, with no interference in the outcome. William Ruto will be the 5th president,” IHRF said in a statement. 

“Now it is time to wait and respect the decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kenya, promote unity and concord among all Kenyan citizens, whatever their political party, origin, culture, religion, ideas and vote. Unity, respect and peaceful coexistence.”

With its statement reeking of bias and coming at a time when the country is on tension, IHRF has also defended itself against bias.

“IHRF’s sole interest is in upholding the right to govern of any candidate who obtains 50%+1 of the valid votes, in accordance with Kenyan law. We are not biased: if the Honorable Mr. Raila Odinga had won, we would defend his right, but H.E. Mr. William Samoei Ruto did,” IHRF’s statement further read. 

The statement came hours after Kenyan Supreme Court judges led by Chief Justice Martha Koome, and her deputy Philomena Mwilu asked Kenyans to pray for them as they retreat to write their judgement. (Read Story Here).

Earlier on Friday, Raila Odinga’s lawyers presented ‘shocking evidence showing how Venezuelan national Jose Camargo reportedly changed presidential election results to give William Ruto victory. (Read Story Here).

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