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SHOCKING REVELATIONS: Jacob Oulanyah’s Mother-in-Law Accuses Late Speaker of Neglecting His Children, Blocking Ex-Wife from Picking Her Clothes from His House


Santa Okot, an ex mother-in-law to the late Jacob Oulanyah, has claimed that the fallen speaker neglected his children and blocked his ex-wife from picking her clothes from his house. 

Santa Okot is the mother of Winnie Amoo Okot, an ex-wife to the late speaker.

Oulanyah and Amoo wedded in 2013, had two children together, had irreconcilable difference that led to a divorce.

By the time of Oulanyah’s death, Amoo had moved on and married another man in the US.

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According to Amoo’s mother Okot, even when her daughter and Oulanyah divorced, the fallen speaker is still her son-in-law since there were already children in the dissolved marriage.

Okot accuses Oulanyah of having neglected his children and blocking Amoo from picking her clothes.

“He [Oulanyah] did not assist those two children; they are with my daughter in the US. We are the one taking care of the girls without any complaint,” said Okot, further claiming that she had told her daughter not to ask for property from Oulanyah.

“All the clothes of my daughter remained in Oulanyah’s house because the last day my daughter left for the US, I told her to go for the clothes but when she reached the gate, the gateman told her he had instructions that she doesn’t pick anything. So she left anything in the house, she came back and we bought her some clothes. She picked the children and left for the US.”

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