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SHOCKING REVELATION: Singer Sheebah Karungi Narrates How She Was Almost Raped in Her Car by a ‘Respected Role Model’

Sheebah Karungi

Singer Sheebah Karungi has come out to narrate how a respected role model almost forced himself on her as she slept in her car ahead of a show. 

In a social media video in which she appeared angry, Sheebah revealed to her fans how someone who claims to be a role model and is always on TV pretending to be a good person almost chewed her sumbie by force.

“I had a show. I was performing for somebody and one of those people you respect and call real role models, they pretend to do good and look good and all that on TV. This old pervert was trying to be funny with me in my car,” said Sheebah.

“They just opened my car with his security. They found me asleep in my car. I was about to go on Stage but I always wait for my managers to tell me such that I dress up. This [person] tried to be inappropriate in front of my team members.”

Sheebah also revealed that she almost refused to sing at the show but had to do it because she respected her job. That after the show she even thought of declining to take the money for the performance.

The singer, 32, also told fans that the manner in which she dresses should not be an excuse for anyone to disrespect her. She further called on men to respect women’s bodies and to stop treating them as objects, but to always follow the process of asking females if they want ‘something-something’ from them.

“I don’t care what you think about when you see me on stage or in any of my videos dressed the way I dress up. You better RESPECT MY BODY: It’s MINE, I get to do whatever I want to do with It. You DON’T. You can watch but you CERTAINLY CAN’T TOUCH,” Sheebah further revealed.

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