SHOCKING! Eye Witness Links Komamboga Bomb Blast To Bobi Wine's NUP - The Pearl Times SHOCKING! Eye Witness Links Komamboga Bomb Blast To Bobi Wine's NUP - The Pearl Times

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SHOCKING! Eye Witness Links Komamboga Bomb Blast to Bobi Wine’s NUP

Scene of Komamboga bomb blast. Photo by Nicholas Bamulanzeki

By Andrew Baba Buluba

One of the assailants that placed a bomb explosive at Digida Pork Joint in Komamboga last night was dressed in National Unity Platform (NUP) branded outfits, an eye witness has claimed.

At around 9pm on Saturday, at least one person was reported dead, and scores injured following a bomb blast at a pork joint in Komamboga, Kawempe Division in Kampala.

While narrating the grisly incident to the media, an unindentified lady, believed to be a staff at the eating joint said the suspected assailants had gone to the happening place like ordinary customers.

She says that the group, about three in number, including one who was putting on a People Power T-shirt, first asked for a bucket of beers, which they disappeared before finishing.

When she wanted to get the pay from them, the waitress who had served them is said to have been assured by those seated on the neighboring table that the suspects would return since they had left behind their beers. And indeed, they came back.

Upon asking for the money, they guy in a red T-shirt, who had all along been looking suspicious, asked for the exact amount she owed him and threw the receipts at her when she isued it.

After paying, another person, presumably colleague of the trio came with a bottle wrapped in a black polythene paper and placed it under the table on which they were seated.

This, she says, was witnessed by many of them including their boss.

Moments after the suspicious characters had left, commotion from the bomb blast followed.

This particular worker however maintains that the guy presumed to be the ring leaders is not a stranger for she remembers seeing him at the spot before yesterday’s incident.

Last week, the United Kingdom Intelligence warned of a possible terror attack on Uganda before police downplaying the possibility when they said they had not elevated their terror alerts.

Yesterday’s attack follows reports of a failed suicide bomb attack targeting mourners at the burial of former Deputy Inspector General of Police Paul Lokech.

The suspect was captured with elementary bomb materials.

Early this month, another terror suspect was put out of action in Kawempe trying to hatch a mission to assasinate a prominent politician police did not name.

He was put out of action when he resisted arrest.

Read what President Museveni has said about the Komamboga bomb blast here.

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