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SHOCKING CONFESSION: Heartless Man Reveals How He Killed Makerere Girlfriend, Dumped Body in Trench Over ‘Cheating’

Jackline Nakabembe

A man accused of murdering his girlfriend has reportedly confessed to being the one who killed the Makerere University student. Aged 24, Jackline Nakabembe had mysteriously disappeared in October only for her body to be discovered many days later. 

Awaiting her graduation from Makerere University where she has been pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Economics, Nakabembe was working at Wefunile Permit Company Limited. But her life was cut short after she failed to show up at her work station. Her family would later report a case of a missing person at the Ntinda Police Station.

Many days later, Nakabembe’s lifeless body was found in a trench in Naguru, prompting police operatives to starting attempts to answer the questions: who killed Nakabembe, how and why? Nakabembe has been laid to rest at the KCCA cemetery in Bukasa, Wakiso District.

It was not long before operatives arrested Dickens Agumeneitwe after tracking Nakabembe’s phone. The device was found in Naguru Go-Down where a resident identified as Rasta was found in possession of the deceased’s phone.

Rasta knew where Agumeneitwe was residing. In Agumeneitwe’s house, Nakabembe’s photos, including passport-size ones, were found. Agumeneitwe was arrested, first detained at the Kira Road Police Division, and later at the Flying Squad headquarters at Kampala Central Police Station (CPS). He was subjected to a mental examination after flip-flopping was detected in his statement.

Agumeneitwe has now reportedly confessed that he is the one who killed Nakabembe on allegations that she was on cheating on him with another man. He did not really have evidence that there was another man in Nakabembe’s life but tricked her using a phone number that she did not know, asked her to come to a date with him (as a new man interested in her). But Nakabembe was reportedly shocked when the ‘new catch’ she had gone to meet on her date turned out to be Agumeneitwe.

He has reportedly told police that Nakabembe was shocked to realize that the new man she had come to meet was Agumeneitwe. That she went on her knees and attempted to apologize to her boyfriend but Agumeneitwe was too angry to listen to any apologies. That he led her to a nearby tree where she handed her a huge heavy punch near her heart, and that he realized that she had stopped breathing.

Meanwhile, police investigators have reportedly learnt that it is not the first time Agumeneitwe is committing crime. That he has been in and out of Luzira Prison over rape.

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