Shock As Wealthy NGO Owners Reportedly Give Money To District Bosses To Allow Homosexuality; Parliament Intervenes To Stop Move - The Pearl Times Shock As Wealthy NGO Owners Reportedly Give Money To District Bosses To Allow Homosexuality; Parliament Intervenes To Stop Move - The Pearl Times

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Shock as Wealthy NGO Owners Reportedly Give Money to District Bosses to Allow Homosexuality; Parliament Intervenes to Stop Move

Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa has slammed Kasese Municipal Council Local Government over attempts to enact malicious bylaws that are promoting same sex vices.

On Wednesday, 25 January 2023, Tayebwa said the attempt by Kasese Municipal Council to back homosexuality contravenes national laws and that it must be stopped.

“I received and confirmed news that Kasese Municipal Council made an attempt to pass a bylaw that reorganizes homosexuals and transgender people as minorities,” Tayebwa said.

“I want to make it very clear, there is no local governments that can pass a bylaw that contravenes national laws,” the deputy speaker warned.

He said that he had been briefed that illegal bylaw had been facilitated by a non-government organization identified as Human Rights Promotions Awareness Forum (HRAPF). He also identified Bob Kyamanywa as the team leader of the malicious organization.

The Deputy Speaker directed the Ministry of Internal Affairs Minister to investigate the activities of Human Rights Promotions Awareness Forum that sponsored the Kasese District council sitting that attempted to pass the bylaws promoting same sex vices.

“I want to alert you that attempts are being made from all corners because the money from these groups seems to be a lot and also, this is not a simple fight. They are going to target us but we must stand firm,” the speaker said.

Bukonzo West Member of Parliament in Kasese District Atkins Katusabe said the purported pro-gay bylaw is not a representation of the Kasese community.

“Kasese is a highly religious community; Kasese upholds the value systems and I don’t want that to define the people of Kasese,” Katushabe said.

Moses Okot Junior, the Member of Parliament Kioga County wants the anti-gay bill re-introduced in Parliament. “We were informed that this law was nullified by the courts; why don’t we bring it back?” he wondered.

On Tuesday, Thomas Tayebwa expressed concern over the deterioration of morals in schools.

“I am getting painful stories; if you talk to doctors, you get to know how serious it is but our children are dying in silence,” Tayebwa said.

Tayebwa said the report should be given urgent priority, noting that many schools and recruitment centres have been penetrated by the vice.

“I hope it [report] can be quick so that we can debate it and get a solution. We need to see how best we can work with government to support it…whether we can put more funding to patrol all these entities,” Tayebwa added.

Tayebwa’s orders for an investigation into the NGO’s deal with Kasese officials to allow homosexuality come hours after Pope Francis said homosexuality was not a crime and that God loves homosexuals. (Read Details Here).

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