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Shock as Powerful Personal Assistant Hijacks Museveni Minister’s Fuel Card (See Details)

Museveni. Courtesy Photo

A minister has threatened to drag President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s government to courts of law over matters relating to his transport allowances.

The minister has complained that government has either failed or refused to give him money to fuel an official vehicle the same government has given to him to carry out his official duties.

Francis Mwebesa, is the Minister of State in charge of Trade, in the current cabinet.

The minister has told a parliamentary committee investigating corruption scandal at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives that he was contemplating suing government for making him dig into his pockets to finance his transport on official officials.

That while he is entitle to an official vehicle and transport allowances, Mwebesa told the committee that he has been using his own money.

He also revealed that the fuel card attached to his official vehicle was hijacked by his personal assistant, meaning that he has to finance his travel.

Mwebesa now wants government to reimburse all the money he has been spending on transport or else he drags them to court seeking for reimbursement of the money he has been spending.

Minister Mwebesa and other officials before the committee.

“I am almost taking Government to court because I have been spending my own money yet I have heard that some people have been taking millions,” said the elderly Mwebesa.

“I want to ask Government to pay me this money regardless of everything.”

There have been shocking revelations of scandals at Uganda’s Trade Ministry. There was shock after it emerged that the Ugandan Ministry spent Shs400m to transport documents from Kampala to Entebbe. It also later emerged that an Office Attendant had taken over the Trade Ministry and bought expensive cars and controlled the Ministry Office Renovation Deal. (See Details Here and There).

The situation at the Trade Ministry almost got bloody after a Top Official Nearly Killed a Colleague for Blocking His Juicy Deal. (Read Story Here).

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