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Sheebah on Her Attempted Rape: The Man Only Touched Me, He ‘Didn’t Enter The Promised Land’

Singer Sheebah Karungi has come out to dismiss reports that a powerful and respected ‘role model’ raped her as she slept in her car waiting for her time to go and perform on stage. 

Last week, Sheebah narrated how a man she declined to name, stormed her vehicle with his body guards and touched her in a manner that she thought was not appropriate.

According to Sheebah, it is high time women realized that men have no right to lay their hands on any part of their bodies until they (the females) have granted them (males) permission.

In the video in which she made the shocking revelation on the incident, Sheebah made it clear that her dress code should not be taken as an excuse for any man to disrespect her and touch her or even force himself onto her.

Most of her fans interpreted this revelation as a rape. But Sheebah has now come out to clarify that the man in question did not rape her as reported and interpreted by some Ugandans but only touched her.

“I wasn’t raped but inappropriate touches are the ones which lead to rape. I heard my car open, I woke up and I asked this man who I respect why he hadn’t knocked yet he knew this was a woman’s car,” Sheebah told NTV Uganda.

“What followed was that the man became inappropriate. You know the people have exaggerated this incident and called it rape. Rape begins somewhere, with those inappropriate touches.”


Last week, Sheebah shocked her fans when she came out and alleged that a prominent ‘role model’ almost forced himself on her as she slept in her car waiting to perform at an event. (Read Story Here).

Sheebah’s shocking revelations made her name, Andrew Mwenda, ‘beans’ and ‘finger’ trend on social media, with some claiming that the veteran journalist had attempted to ‘chew’ the singer ‘by fire by force.’ (Read Story Here).

Mwenda came out and denied ever attempting to force himself onto Sheebah, and dismissed the claims as a publicity stunt. The media boss even claimed that he did not even know Sheebah. (Read Story Here).

Sheebah would then record a statement at police and make it clear that it was not Andrew Mwenda who attempted to force himself on her. (Read Story Here).

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