SHARING NATIONAL CAKE: How Museveni distributed Cabinet positions per region


President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni preferred the general Central and Western regions of Uganda for cabinet positions, with Buganda and Busoga having more ministers, a look at the recently released list of ministers indicates.

Although the number of Buganda ministers reduced from 18 to 15, the sub region still dominates Parliament, followed by Busoga which has nine ministers, followed by Tooro with eight and Ankole with seven.

West Nile, Teso, and Lango follow, each with six ministers.

Bunyoro and Kigezi have five each. Bukedi and Bugisu have four each, while Karamoja and Acholi trail with three each.

Regions whose number of ministers reduced compared to the previous cabinet include: Buganda (from 18 to 15), Kigezi (from 10 to 05), Acholi from five to three and West Nile (from 8 to 6).

Kigezi lost more ministers.

Busoga, which previously had the speaker of Parliament, saw its number of ministers increase from four to nine – the biggest increment of five ministers.

Ankole and Tooro got more three ministers while Teso and Bukedi got two more. The rest – Bugisu, Karamoja, Lango and Bunyoro – got one more minister.

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