SHAME ON YOU! Shock as Top MPs Refuse to Pay Personal Assistants & Drivers

Parliament of Uganda pictured in a recent sitting. Courtesy Photo

A number of Ugandan Members of Parliament are on the spot for refusing and failing to pay their personal assistants and drivers, the head of the country’s legislative arm of government has revealed in what sounded like a ‘shame on you’ rebuke.

Today, Speaker of Parliament and Bukedea District Woman MP Anita Annet Among led MPs in paying tribute to fallen Supreme Court judge Stella Amoko.

The speaker described the late Justice Amoko as a distinguished daughter of the great nation Uganda.

Noting that the Supreme Court judge had died at Nakasero Hospital in the capital Kampala, Among fired at critics who have been castigating public servants for seeking treatment abroad.

Among then rebuked some holier-than-thou MPs who sought to criticize the judiciary and other government arms and agencies for failing to prioritize the welfare of drivers.

The speaker revealed that a number of drivers and personal assistants have complained that MPs do not pay them for many months.

She wondered if some people expected judges and other public servants to use their monies to pay drivers and their other staff.

“I have a petition on my desk where your drivers are complaining about you, you the Members of Parliament, you aren’t paying them, you aren’t paying your personal assistants and now you are trying to think Judiciary is the problem,” said Among.

“All of you are a problem. And you will not expect a judge to pick money from his or her pocket, and pay the driver, those are civil servants.”

Weeks ago, a driver working for a Ugandan judge stole headlines for his boldness after coming out to complain about his low salary which he said was too little to meet his needs.

The driver’s salary was so many times lower than that of a judge he was driving to work and functions everyday. (Read Story Here).

The fearless driver shocked the nation when he said he was thinking of ramming the judge’s vehicle into a fast moving truck with the intention of killing him.

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