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Seven of Moroto Prison Break inmates re-arrested

Frank Baine Photo: Courtesy

Prison break news from Moroto where a total number of 219 prisoners escaped from Singila prison in Moroto district, indicate that seven of the inmates have been re-arrested.

According to Frank Baine, the Uganda Prisons spokesperson, he says that three of them were killed during the hunt, while seven have been re-arrested and taken back to prison.

Dr. Johnson Byabashaija, the Commissioner-General of Prisons said on September 16, that the inmates overwhelmed personnel and they had access to the armoury where they stole about 15 rifles.

A combined process flanked by the police and UPDF was deployed immediately to hunt for the escaped prisoners, which sparked off an exchange bullets, where one UPDF solider was shot dead and three prisoners.

In a twitter message on September 16, Brig. Flavia Byekwaso the UPDF spokesperson asked the population to stay calm as the operation to re-capture the prisoners and the stolen guns continue.

UPDF choppers were sent to Moroto to help in the hunt for the escapees.

However, Frank Baine said that they are positive about the re-arrest of these prisoners and they will all be behind bars.

“We are optimistic many will be arrested,” he said.

 A number of the escaped inmates are said to be Karamajong warriors, who were in detention following the UPDF operations in the region to get rid of the guns.

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