Senior University Lecturer Fired for Forcefully Attempting to ‘Chew’ His Female Students

Dr Lukman Nafiu Abiodum

A senior lecturer at one of Uganda’s public universities has been fired by his employer after it emerged that he had been ‘chewing’ his female students and was enticing many more for ‘bed-minton’ marathons.

Dr Lukman Nafiu Abiodum, who hails from the West African nation of Nigeria, has been a senior lecturer of Statistics at Kabale University. But he was reported to the education institution’s administration over allegations of sexual harassment against his female students.

With Dr Lukman Nafiu Abiodum failing to tame his appetite and unable to control himself on the sight of beautiful university babes, Kabale University took a decision to fire him following investigations into allegations levelled against him by a number of female students at the institution.

Days ago, Johnson Baryantuma Munon, the Kabale University Secretary, announced the sacking of Dr Lukman Nafiu Abiodum in a letter he wrote to him making it clear that he had been fired. Baryantuma noted that the decision to send Dr Lukman Nafiu Abiodum packing was based on a report by the University Appointments Board.

The University Secretary further confirmed that the Kabale-based University Appointments Board had found Dr Lukman Nafiu Abiodum guilty of engaging in acts of sexual harassment against his female students.

The Nigerian lecturer was also faulted for failing to observe regulations guiding the conducting of examinations at the institution and that he had been professionally negligent. It was based on these that the University Appointments Board recommended severe reprimand against Dr Lukman Nafiu Abiodum.

University Secretary Baryantuma also informed Dr Lukman Nafiu Abiodum that the Appointments Board has taken a decision not to employ him beyond November 11. He Nigerian lecturer has since been ordered to hand over all university property before he can exit the institution.

“The board further resolved not to renew your contract as senior lecturer of statistics when it expires on November 11, 2022. You are therefore required to hand over all university property in your possession to the Dean of faculty of Economics and Management in the presence of auditor,” the university secretary wrote to Dr Lukman Nafiu Abiodum.

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