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Security to Install Cameras with Bomb Sensors that Smell Explosives

Street cameras. Courtesy Photo

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has reiterated his government plans to install cameras with bomb sensors on the streets as one way of fighting terrorism.

In his Saturday night address on security and the Covid19 response, Museveni said that he was considering buying cameras that can smell explosives.

“Those [currently installed] cameras can now see the wrongdoers,” he said.

“The scientists now tell me that we can add a capacity to those cameras so that they can smell anyone carrying explosives and alert the security forces.”

Museveni praised his 2018 interventions in the fight against terrorism, especially after the terrorists behind the November 16 Kampala twin bombings were captured by CCTV cameras installed on streets.

Ahead of the address, Museveni had assured Ugandans nobody would destabilize the country, adding that gaps that currently exists within intelligence would be filled.

“Internally, we have lagged behind about intelligence in towns to discover who is planning and where it is happening. The terror has shifted from the rural areas to towns where there are bigger populations and many buildings. Security in town is intelligence based. We have moved very well so far,” said Museveni while presiding over the pass-out ceremony of 443 tank crew grandaunts who have been undergoing a one year training at the Karama Armoured Warfare Training School in Kabamba, Mudende District.

“We have got videos of those who had the bombs because of the cameras. Now we need to do more. Cameras are eyes, I have heard that you can also put noses in the cameras (Install sensors) which can smell the bombs and send an alert. The idea that they can be on the street is a good one. These terrorists, we shall finish them. They are wasting their time, they will be defeated.”

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