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School Reopening: Tentative Reporting Date Revealed

Edcuation Minister Janet Museveni. Courtesy Photo

Primary and secondary schools could reopen their gates to Primary One, Primary Two and Primary Three pupils, and Senior One and Senior Two Students as early as September 09, 2021, The Pearl Times has learnt.

The decision to reopen schools was reached after a meeting between top officials at the ministry of education and sports and several leaders of education associations and officials from districts and municipalities.

At least 500 officials attended the meeting that was held virtually.

According to resolutions on the tentative school reopening program agreed on in the meeting, S1-S2 students as well as P1-P3 pupils will report to school within the next two weeks.

Although a final date will soon be announced, sources say school gates could reopen on September 09.

Students and pupils would then attend classes for 14 weeks.

This would mean implementation of a proposal on the trimming of the curriculum to focus on essential curriculum coverage for progression to the next class.

Meanwhile, if the ministry confirms the proposed reopening date of September 09, parents will not only have to struggle to find school fees money but also cash for meeting new Covid19 prevention and treatment needs.

These may include herbal concoctions such as Covidex.

During the meeting, Martin Okiria Obore, the National Chairman of the Association of Secondary School Head teachers of Uganda, proposed that Covidex should be included on the list of compulsory requirements ahead of reopening of schools.

“I understand that recently there has been discussions with [Prof Patrick Engeu] Ogwang on availing Covid19 at a subsidized cost of about Shs5000 a bottle,” submitted Obore.

“If we can have a bottle at Shs5000, then we think that students should be asked to come with at least three bottles each. If one develops symptoms they can take the Covidex. That will help much in addressing the fear that comes with new cases in schools.”

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