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SCHOOL REOPENING: Janet Museveni’s Education Ministry Explains ‘Condensed Curriculum’ for All Classes

First lady Janet Kataaha Museveni’s Ministry of Education and Sports has confirmed that a condensed curriculum will be followed when schools reopen.

Next week, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja is expected to convene a meeting to decide school reopening dates and to draft a proposed school calendar.

Ahead of next week’s meeting, education ministry spokesperson Dr Dennis Mugimba has revealed that the proposal to condense the curriculum was “really acceptable.”

“When learners return, they will not be studying the whole curriculum. We are using a condensed curriculum. And you heard this when our minister Hon Janet Museveni met the Parliamentarians in August but she also presented it on Tuesday,” added Mugimba.

He went on to explain how the proposal, which is meant to catch up on lost time, will work.

“For example for the P1-P3, they will not be studying everything that they normally study. We are going to concentrate on core areas and these areas are literacy, numeracy and English because these are the basics even if you go higher to university level, if your foundation for literacy, numeracy and English was not good, you will find it difficult to do well in this country,” Mugimba explained.

“We aren’t going to cover 100 per cent: we are only going to cover what is core, what is important, what is vital for every learner to know before they progress to the next level. Now that principle is going to apply to all levels, even in higher institutions of learning because of the interference of locking down they also don’t have the time to complete 100 per cent of the curricula at that level.”

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