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SCHOOL REOPENING: Janet Museveni Vows to Punish Negligent School Heads as Education Ministry Sends More Home-Study Materials

First lady and education minister Janet Kataaha Museveni has expressed her disappointment with school heads who have failed to deliver reading materials to their students.

As part of the Ministry of Education and Sports Ministry’s response to the Covid19 pandemic, government development the Education and Sports Sector Covid19 Preparedness and Response Plan.

According to Minister Ms Museveni, the response plan focuses on ensuring continuity of learning during the pandemic, preparing the sector for resumption and management of schooling when the closure of schools is lifted, and building the sector’s capacity for recovery and resilience in the post Covid19 period.

“In accordance with the response plan, the Ministry of Education and Sports has been implementing continuity of learning interventions through provision of printed home-study materials,” she continued.

“We developed, printed, and distributed about five million copies of these to learners in P.5 – P.7 and S.1 – S.4 of 2020. These materials were delivered to schools with the instruction to pass them over to the learners, both at school and at home.”

But she says she was not happy that some school heads had failed to deliver learning materials to learners, terming this failure an act of negligence and lack of seriousness that should not go unpunished.

“It is disappointing, however, to learn that some schools did not make any effort to handover these materials to learners at home and some copies are still lying idle in some schools,” said the minister.

“This is serious negligence of duty on the part of the institution heads and we are following up this matter seriously.”

Last week, Janet Museveni flagged off the distribution of another set of home-study materials to cover P1-P.4 and S5-S6.

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