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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

SCHOOL REOPENING: Education Ministry Official Tells Parents who Can’t Afford High Private Schools’ Fees to Take Children to UPE, USE Schools

The director of education standards at the Ministry of Education and Sports, Dr Kedress Turyagyenda, has advised parents who may not find money to pay school fees in private schools to take their children to public schools: Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Universal Secondary Education (USE).

The Covid19 pandemic has negatively affected the economy, throwing people out of jobs and destroying or weakening businesses.

This means that some parents who have been taking their children in expensive private schools may have to seek other options.

There are also fears that private schools will further increase fees since they have to put in place standard operating procedures which require materials bought with money.

Speaking during an NBS TV show this morning, Dr Turyagyenda revealed that some schools have not yet put in place the required SOPs and other requirements and they were likely to be blocked from reopening.

Turyagyenda noted that the ministry has since directed these schools to make a decision on whether they want to reopen or not, so that parents can be informed early and prepare to find new schools for their children.

On concerns that some schools may hike fees, the director of standards urged financially constrained parents to try public schools.

“The government has mass education facilities in place. Parents can take their children to these government-supported schools if they can’t afford the fees in private schools.”

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