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SAY WHATEVER ABOUT ME YOU WANT WHEN I DIE: Ssemujju Nganda Refuses to Apologize for Telling Hard Hitting Truth About Gen Elly Tumwine

Ssemujju Nganda

Kira Municipality MP and opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda is famous for taking no prisoners on what he believes in.

And even in the case of his criticism and hard hitting statements against former security minister Gen Elly Tumwine, Ssemujju is not about to eat his words.

Gen Tumwine passed on last week in Nairobi, Kenya and has since been laid to rest.

The Kira Municipality legislator shocked Ugandans when he reacted to the news of Gen Tumwine’s death by saying that the general from Kazo District behaved as if God had assured him that he would not die.

The legislator says that those who were celebrating Gen Tumwine’s death were simply holding him accountable for whatever he said and did while he still breathed, adding that this is just part of a culture of holding people accountable for their deeds and words.

He also put families of all military officers and civil servants who behave like Gen Tumwine on notice, saying they will have to endure the criticism akin to what Tumwine’s family endured when Ugandans learnt that he was sick and when he finally breathed his last.

Ssemujju says that he has a right to describe any public official’s record the way he wants. That it is okay for some people feel that Gen Tumwine was an angel and they should go on social media and radio and shout this opinion out the way they want.

He has also expressed concern that he had told Gen Tumwine about the need to make all Ugandans comfortable in their country, instead of reserving comfort for only a few people close to the Museveni government and family.

The legislator further argued that provided one works in public service, one is not immune to criticism, dead or alive.

He said he too was ready to be criticized when dies since there are certainly those who do not like the way he conducts himself.

“I sympathize with his children. They lost a father. But that’s what it means when you are in active service. When you serve in public life, you are inviting public scrutiny in life and death. It’s the reason Mr. Museveni has been talking the way he does about Amin, even in death. My personal comment about Tumwine was made in that regard,” Ssemujju told NBS Frontline.

“Please, don’t invite me to lie. I will also die, and you will say the things you want to say about me.”

He also told off those trumpeting the need for patriotism to remember that the lives of those people who were killed while Tumwine was the minister for security also matter.

“When people were mourning their relatives shot during the campaigns, what did he say? Why doesn’t the family reflect on that?” he asked.

Gen Tumwine was laid to rest in Kazo amidst tears and a 17-gun salute. (Read Story Here).

During his burial ceremony, Gen Elly Tumwine’s final message to surviving bush war generals was revealed. (Read it Here).

Meanwhile, when he was still alive, Gen Elly Tumwine sent his final public message and warning to Museveni. (Read Story and Watch Video HERE).

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