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Satan has won! Ugandans react to shocking Museveni announcement closing churches but keeping lodges open


A section of Ugandans seem shocked by President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s announcement that lodges should remain open while churches close to prevent the spread of Covid19.

Museveni announced a partial lockdown June 06 night, detailing 40 measures and restrictions.

The president argued that people could worship online, and in their homes since “God is omnipresent, in every place.”

Now, some people think Satan has won since churches will close and lodges remain open.

Ugandan lodges are notorious for aiding prostitution and infidelity, with some using them to cheat on their spouses.

Here are some random social media comments on closure of chances and decision to keep lodges open:

“Stop PRAYING; continue PREYING. So, churches & mosques are closed; lodges stay working.”That’s how my neighbour interpreted the Presidential address. These people!”

“Lodges to open and churches to close, this is satanic.”

“Churches and Mosques Closed But Lodges will remain Open. Naye Sitani Otwagazaaki [Satan, what do you want from us?”

“Lodges open, churches closed. Can you tell me who created this noisy boy🤗🤗”

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