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SALIM SALEH DEATH REPORTS: State House Breaks Silence

Gen Salim Saleh. Courtesy Photo

State House Uganda has spoken out on social media reports claiming that Gen Caleb Akandwanaho aka Salim Saleh, the Chief Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), is dead.

Rumors on the alleged death of Gen Salim Saleh have remained somewhat sustained in recent weeks.

Some unscrupulous people have been claiming that they had not seen Gen Saleh in public for a some time and that his absence at the burial of Gen Elly Tumwine, a former bush war comrade, could be that he might not be well.

Even when officials kept saying that Gen Saleh, who is a younger brother to Uganda’s long serving president Gen Museveni, was alive and well, some social media users would not listen.

The group of ‘witches’ claiming that Saleh is dead has gone ahead to forge a statement on a fake account of President Museveni to make it look like the head of state and government has announced the death of his brother, yet this is false.

A State House official has since flagged the fabricated account and the tweet thereon fake.

Faruk Kurunda, the Deputy Press Secretary to H.E the President of the Republic of Uganda, has made it clear to Ugandans that contrary to social media rumors, Gen Salim Saleh is alive.

Kirunda also made it clear that Gen Saleh is not sick as some people have been claiming but rather healthy and doing his work of transforming Ugandans and chasing poverty out of the country through commercial agriculture and manufacturing, in his capacity as the OWC Chief Coordinator.

“PUBLIC ALERT: This is a fake Twitter account. H.E the President has not issued such a tweet, and Gen. Saleh is alive and well on his OWC assignments. Kindly, ignore!” wrote Kirunda.

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