SALARY STRUCTURE: See How Much Elected Leaders Will Be Earning Every Month, According to Salaries Commission (Kenya)

William Ruto

Dr William Samoei Ruto and Rigathi Gachagua will be sworn in as president and deputy president of the Republic of Kenya next Tuesday as a new administration takes over for a five-year term running until August 2027. 

Ruto is expected to name his cabinet secretaries or ministers that will head a number of dockets such as agriculture, internal affairs, treasury, technology and foreign affairs, among others.

Besides Ruto, who is replacing Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta whose two five-year term has come to an end, Kenyans also voted for governors, senators, Women Representatives and Members of the National Assembly.

The salaries for these elected officials and appointed officials have been set.

President Ruto will earn Kenya Shillings (KES) 1,443,750 every month; his Deputy President Gachagua KES 1,227,188; each Cabinet Secretary KES 924,000; Speaker National Assembly: KES 1,160,000; Speaker Senate: KES 1,160,000; Deputy Speaker: KES 928,000; County Governor: KES 924,000; while Leader of Majority/Leader of Minority will earn KES 768,000 every month.

A Member of National Assembly/Member of the Senate will be earning KES 710,000 per month; Deputy County Governor: KES 621,250; Speaker of County Assembly: 525,525; Member of Executive Committee: KES 404,250; Deputy Speaker of County Assembly: KES 216,563; while a Member of County Assembly (MCA) will be getting KES: 144,375 every month.

1.       President: KES 1,443,750
2.       Deputy President: KES 1,227,188
3.       Cabinet Secretary: KES 924,000
4.       Speaker National Assembly: KES 1,160,000
5.       Speaker Senate: KES 1,160,000
6.       Deputy Speaker: KES 928,000
7.       County Governor: KES 924,000
8.       Leader of Majority/Leader of Minority: KES 768,000
9.       Member of National Assembly/Member of the Senate: KES 710,000
10.   Deputy County Governor: KES 621,250
11.   Speaker of County Assembly: 525,525
12.   Member of Executive Committee: KES 404,250
13.   Deputy Speaker of County Assembly: KES 216,563
14.   Member of County Assembly (MCA): KES: 144,375


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