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SALARY INCREMENT: Good News for Lab Technicians & Assistants as Public Service Ministry Revises Their Salaries to New Pay Scales

Public Service Minister Wilson Muruli Mukasa

Laboratory (lab) technicians and assistants who have been complaining after failing to get the new juicier and enhanced salaries starting with this financial year will soon have a reason to smile after the Ministry of Public Service started taking steps to correct the anomaly. 

The lab assistant and technicians were some of the scientists in the education institutions that missed out on salary enhancement that the government provided in the 2022-2023 financial year.

But their leaders from the Uganda Professional Science Teachers’ Union (Upstu) have been in talks with the Ministry of Public Service to ensure that these groups of ‘scientists’ get their share of the enhancement of salaries.

After weeks of efforts to rectify the anomaly and make the necessary corrections to the payroll, Upstu leaders informed the lab assistants and technicians in education institutions that the enhancement they missed of July will be paid by the Ministry of Public Service.

Towards the head of last month, Vincent Elong, the founding national chairperson of Upstu, informed the union’s members that efforts to ensure that other groups of scientists in education institutions who missed out on salary enhancement are also considered were ongoing.

“Pay enhancement for Lab Assistants and Technicians in Education Institutions has been corrected and uploaded by the Ministry of Public Service for the for August 2022 payroll. The affected members should follow up with their HROs to confirm the same and also request for the pay of July arrears,” said Elong. 

“All Scientists in the educ institns who missed out on the enhancement, Upstu is engaging Government of Uganda and Ministry of Education and Sports to ensure you are rightly recognized and paid as the other Scientists in the other sectors. Kindly, be patient as we follow up and update will be communicated timely.”

Upstu secretary general Aron Mugaiga told the union’s members that lab assistants and technicians on the Integrated Personnel and Payroll System (IPPS) would have their salaries and arrears cleared at the end of August 2022 while those under the Human Capital Management (HCM) would have their issues sorted by the end of September 2022.

“The pay enhancement for our colleagues the Lab assistants and Technicians has been fully updated to the new scales for IPPS starting with the next pay. Those under HCM yours is still being handled you may need to wait for September pay,” Mugaiga informed Upstu members on August 26.

Meanwhile, there is some hope for arts teachers to have their salaries increased after Museveni’s cabinet approved salary increment for all government employees. (Read Story Here).

Meanwhile, you can see the current salary structure, showing how much each government employee takes home every month HERE.

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