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SAD! Shock as Government Official Collapses Dead During Conference (See Details)


Government officials were left in shock on Wednesday, November 09 afternoon after a colleague collapsed and died during a conference on the current financial year’s (FY 2022-2023) budget regarding funds for the Parish Development Model (PDM). 

Bukwo District leaders, who included local councillors, had come to listen to presentations on how the implementation of the PDM is progressing. But one of the people who had key information and was expected to make a presentation before answering tough questions on the rollout of the program, which the Museveni government hopes to use to drive Ugandans out of poverty and catapult them into the money economy, collapsed and died.

All was going on well in the Bukwo District Hall until Elijah Masika Ndinyo, the Bukwo District Parish Development Model focal person started looking for a document that was key for the presentation he had come to make but was unsuccessful in locating the same. The document is said to have been about a status report on how much PDM funds had been disbursed, to whom they had been given and to what projects they would go.

Before he collapsed Masika Ndinyo, who is also the Bukwo District acting Production Officer, was concerned that he could not find a very important document that he had prepared for his presentation. Those who were seated closer to him are said to have heard him mumbling complaining about the missing document.

Officials attending the Bukwo District budget conference on PDM funds then rushed the Acting Production Officer, Masika Ndinyo, to Bukwo Hospital. Unfortunately, when he arrived at the health facilities, the doctors pronounced him dead. In fact, doctors at Bukwo Hospital told those who rushed Masika Ndinyo to the facility that he had been brought in when he had already breathed his last.

The cause of Masika Ndinyo’s death has been confirmed as a cardiac arrest. It was not clear if the acting production officer and PDM focal person had been battling heart complications or what had triggered the sudden cardiac arrest. Some suggested that the cardiac arrest and subsequent death of Mr Masika Ndinyo could have been sparked off by the missing document while other claimed that there could have been some other serious issues he might have been dealing with.

The shocking and sudden demise of this Bukwo official comes months after the murder of the Bukwo District Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). Before the CAO’s death, the District Chairperson had not only reported him to a top Museveni Minister but had also threatened to resign if he was not fired or transferred. (See Details Here, There and Over There).

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