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Sad News for Busoga Kingdom as Cancer Kills Royal Chief

Prince Gologolo. Courtesy Photo

Busoga Kingdom is mourning the passing of its royal chief, Prince Patrick Izimba Gologolo, who succumbed to cancer. 

Prince Gologolo was among the 11 hereditary chiefs in Busoga Kingdom, and one of the five who qualified to run for election as Kyabazinga since he is from Ngobi royal clan of the monarchy.

He hailed from the Chiefdom of Kigulu while the other four royal princes were from Bugabula, Bulamogi, Bukono, and Luuka.

A member of the Busoga Kingdom Royal Chiefs Council that constitutes the electoral college which chooses the king or Kyabazinga, Prince Gologolo was aged 65 at the time of his death.

Gologolo was pronounced dead in the morning of Friday, August 26. He died at Iganga Hospital.

Available reports indicate that Prince Gologolo was diagnosed with skin cancer about three years ago. It is said that the strand of skin cancer that the royal chief was suffering from was new.

That the royal prince was also admitted at the Mulago National Referral Hospital but was later returned to Iganga Hospital.

He is expected to be laid to rest in Buzimba Village, Nambale Sub County in Iganga District.

The prince left behind 11 children, according to reports.

Months ago, Gologolo was among the 11 chiefs at the heart of the chaos in Busoga Kingdom after a section of these chiefs fired the Kyabazinga. (Read Story Here).

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