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SAD NEWS! Another Ugandan Health Worker Dies of Ebola


Another Ugandan health worker has succumbed to the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), the country’s Ministry of Health (MoH) has confirmed. 

Last month, Uganda confirmed the outbreak of the viral haemorrhagic EVD of the Sudan strain in the district of Mubende.

The disease is said to have been reported a month earlier (probably sometime in August 2022) but locals thought it was a strange disease while other considered it witchcraft.

Apart from Mubende where the first official case was recorded, Ebola cases have been confirmed in more districts such as Kassanda, Kyegegwa and Kagadi.

The official number of deaths due to Ebola is about 10 but this could be higher since there are people who died in Mubende around the time a strange illness was reported but had not been tested to confirm their causes of death.

The official and unofficial deaths include health workers, four in number, according to Health Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng.

The others were Dr Ali Mohammed, a health assistant in Kagadi and a midwife.

Minister Aceng has identified the fourth health worker to succumb to Ebola as Margaret Nabisubi, an anesthetic officer aged 58. Nabisubi was pronounced dead early October 05 morning at Fort Portal Hospital.

“I regret to announce the passing of another Health worker, Ms. Nabisubi Margaret, an anesthetic officer. The 58 year old succumbed to Ebola at 4.33am this morning at Fort Portal Hospital (JMedic) after battling the disease for 17 days,” said Minister Dr Aceng.

“The late Margaret is the 4th health worker we have lost in the current Ebola outbreak after the probable case of the midwife, Dr. Ali and the health assistant in Kagadi District. May their souls rest in eternal peace.”

At the weekend, Minister Aceng announced that a Tanzanian doctor had succumbed to Ebola at Fort Portal Hospital. (Read Story Here).

The minister also warned Ugandans against confusing Ebola with witchcraft, making it clear that the disease was real and it kills. (Read Story Here).

Last week, President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni ruled out the possibility of a lockdown over the Ebola outbreak. (Read Story Here).

You can also read about the amount of money Minister Aceng has demanded to help kick Ebola out of Uganda Here.

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