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SAD! Hima Cement Fire Kills Three Employees


Hima Cement Ltd has confirmed the death of three of its employees in a fire that broke out at its Kasese Plant on Saturday, January 15.

The fire broke out at the plant at around 12:30pm.

EIght other employees were injured in the Saturday noon fire.

The cause of the fire is yet to be established.

“The Hima Cement fire responders with the support of Uganda Police Fire Brigade and the UPDF team, were able to bring the fire under control in under one hour and we are working with all relevant authorities to ensure that the root cause of the incident is identified,” said Country CEO Dean-Michel Pons.

“What we know so far [is that] a team was doing installation works at the Light Diesel Oil Tank when the incident happened. Our team is working with the authorities to further investigate the incident and to ascertain the course of events.”

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