RUSH ME TO AMERICA, BOBI WINE'S MEN WANT TO KILL ME: Museveni Activist Majambere Cries Out - The Pearl Times RUSH ME TO AMERICA, BOBI WINE'S MEN WANT TO KILL ME: Museveni Activist Majambere Cries Out - The Pearl Times

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RUSH ME TO AMERICA, BOBI WINE’S MEN WANT TO KILL ME: Museveni Activist Majambere Cries Out

Ivan Kamuntu Semakula Majambere

Ivan Kamuntu Semakula Majambere, an activist for President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), has cried out to the Mariam Wangadya’s Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) seeking facilitation for seeking assylum to the United States of America (USA) over safety concerns.

In a letter written on November 17, 2022, Majambere communicated his request to the Uganda Human Rights Commission. Majambere noted that while he is a law abiding Ugandan born citizen who loves his country, wishes it peace and one who has involved himself in Uganda’s social economic development. He then delved into the troubles he has suffered in the last one month.

He says that he was beaten by people he believes are supporters of singer and musician Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP) beat him badly during Jakana Nadduli’s burial and have since been threatening to kill him and harm his family members because of his political affiliation to Museveni’s NRM. He said that security agencies did not offer him the much-needed help when he reported the threats against his life.

“I wish to note that in this one month I have suffered irreparable damages when a mob of people from National Unity Platform political party attacked me during the burial of my friend and brother Jakana Nadduli and left me almost lifeless,” he wrote to UHRC. (You can watch the video showing how angry mourners beat Majambere like a chicken thief at the burial of Nadduli’s son Jakana HERE).

“Whereas I contacted security immediately I started receiving these threats I have not been helped; rather, now the threats are too much for me to handle and the only savior for my life is your honorable office.”

He went on to emphasize that his life was in danger and that he could only be safe in the USA. “Reference is now made from the many threats of killing me which I am receiving from different National Unity Platform political party members both with in Uganda and outside the country which have forced me to reach out to you for help and facilitate my [quest] for asylum in USA before I am killed in Uganda as these people know where I stay with my family, where I am undergoing treatment, making it for all of my life to be in danger,” he further wrote.

“… before I could seek for lawful justice over what happened to me at the burial, I have instead been receiving calls threatening my life and that of my family, members and in spite of my calls to security and government to have me protected from these threats and secure my life but in vain I have decided to write to you to help me as I now seek for asylums in USA.”

He added: “I wish to note that Tam Ugandan citizen who rule of law and constitutionalism, protection of human rights and justice for all without discrimination based on color, race, tribe and one’s political beliefs. I will be grateful if my request is considered by your honorable office and the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) as a whole.”

It should be remembered that following the chaos at Jakana Nadduli’s burial, the Uganda Human Rights Commission called for the arrest of ‘hooligans’ who beat up Majambere like a chicken thief. (See Details Here).

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