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Rumors won’t disrupt my journey to State House, says Kabuleta

Presidential hopeful Joseph Kabuleta says he will not waste his time responding to claims of his involvement in alleged fraud because he on an important journey.

At the start of July, Kabuleta declared his intention to challenge President Yoweri Museveni in the 2021 presidential election.

He said he would win “and you can take that to the bank.”

The former sports writer and now pastor of Watchman Ministries has also emphasised he will not join any opposition alliance except one in which he is the candidate.

As expected, some people have been digging up Kabuleta’s past history.


Journalist John Njoroge, who says he was in the same class with Kabuleta, recently wrote a piece detailing ‘dirty deals’ he alleges Kabuleta was part of.

Mixed reactions greeted Njoroge’s Facebook post. But about 300 people shared it.

In the post, Njoroge linked Kabuleta to socialite Mike Ezra Mulyoowa’s ‘fake dollars.’

Njoroge even went on to claim that he had worked with other friends to hide Kabuleta for three months after Ezra fled the country over debts.

He further said they had hidden Kabuleta at Livingstone, Nkrumah and in “other small places for three months.”

During the time police hunted Kabuleta over a cheque that bounced, Njoroge continued, “we did your course works.”

Njoroge seems to accuse Kabuleta of ditching the friends who helped him in that tough situation.


But Kabuleta chose not to dignify Njoroge’s claims with a response.

He simply asked Ugandans to “believe what you may” because “I don’t have time to explain rumors.”“From now onwards, if you hear anything about me…  please BELIEVE IT,” he said.  

“I have neither the time nor the will to defend myself. I’m on a journey!”

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