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REVEALED: US Government Explains Why it Slapped Sanctions against Museveni’s Trusted CMI Boss Maj Gen Abel Kandiho

The US government has slapped financial and economic sanctions against Abel Kandiho, the commandant of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

Kandigo was one of the 15 officials from three countries around the world that the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has designated “in connection with serious human rights abuse and repressive acts targeting innocent civilians, political opponents, and peaceful protestors.”

A press statement from the US Treasury said the department was “taking a number of actions aimed at promoting accountability for those who undermine trust in democratic institutions.”

“Ahead of this week’s Summit for Democracy, Treasury is targeting over a dozen government officials across three countries in connection with serious human rights abuse that undermines democracy,” said Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control Andrea M. Gacki.

“Treasury will continue to defend against authoritarianism, promoting accountability for violent repression of people seeking to exercise their human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

In 164 words, the US Treasury summed up the crimes the Biden administration accuses Kandiho of committing:


As commander of the Ugandan Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), Major General Abel Kandiho (Kandiho) and other CMI officers have arrested, detained, and physically abused persons in Uganda. The CMI targeted individuals due to their nationality, political views, or critique of the Ugandan government.

Individuals were taken into custody and held, often without legal proceedings, at CMI detention facilities where they were subjected to horrific beatings and other egregious acts by CMI officials, including sexual abuse and electrocutions, often resulting in significant long-term injury and even death.

During these incarcerations, victims were kept in solitary confinement and unable to contact friends, family, or legal support. In some cases, Kandiho was personally involved, leading interrogations of detained individuals.

Kandiho is designated pursuant to E.O. 13818 for being a foreign person who is or has been a leader or official of an entity that has engaged in, or whose members have engaged in, serious human rights abuse relating to his tenure.

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