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REVEALED: Suicide Bomber Muzafala’s Terrorist Colleagues Named

A photo from the Ishaka bound Swift Bus bomb explosion

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has named some of the suspected terrorists who are believed to have been working with suicide bomber Muzafala aka Isaac Matovu.

Muzafala alias Isaac Matovu has been identified as the man killed in an October 25 explosion on a Swift Safaris bus registration number UAU 989T travelling from Kampala to Ishaka Town at around 5pm.

The president says that operatives from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) have been trailing Muzafala for months.

Security intelligence had profiled Muzafala as one of the three terrorists who had planned to kill people during late deputy police chief Lt Gen Paul Lokech’s burial ceremony in Pader District.

The president has named Muzafala aka Isaac Matovu’s colleagues in crime as Hamid Nsubuga and Abdu Katumba.

Nsubuga is deceased while Katumba is in court.

The former was put out of action during a security operation.

“He was part of the Pader group that had been sent by ADF to blow up the mourners during the funeral of late Maj. Gen Lokech’s funeral. One of them, by the names of Katumba Abdu, was arrested in a Pader Hotel with his bomb-making equipment – he has been brought to court,” explained Museveni.

“His collaborator, by the names of Nsubuga Hamid fled from Pader to Kampala, where he was killed by the CMI operatives while resisting arrest.”

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