REVEALED: River Nile Boat Accident Victims Were Hunting for New Jobs after Indian Boss Refused to Pay Them


Uganda Police Force (UPF) has released the list of people who died in a boat accident reported on River Nile on July 10. The victims were looking for new jobs after their Indian boss refused to pay them.

According to SP Patrick Jimmy Okema, the North Kyoga regional spokesperson, the territorial police in Apac are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding a tragic incident in which a group of individuals drowned in the River Nile on July 10, 2023, at around 4:00am.

Okema says that the incident was reported by Gabriel Okule, a 19-year-old supervisor, working at an Indian palm oil farm in Maruzi Ranch in Apac District.

Preliminary findings indicate that on the night of July 9, 2023, up to 13 workers from the Maruzi palm oil project farm embarked on a journey to seek employment in Masindi District, as they had not been paid by the management of the Indian farm.

Upon reaching Kungu landing site, they discovered that the ferry was not operational.

Consequently, they decided to board a small canoe to cross to the Masindi Port Landing Site.

Tragically, the canoe capsized, resulting in drowning.

Only four survived. They have been identified as Bosco Muleka and Godfrey Byekwaso, who were riding the boat, along with two other passengers, Simon Locire and Peter Lukwampe.

“The Kungu Police Post was notified, and a case of drowning was registered. The survivors were transported to a nearby health center for treatment, while efforts are underway to locate and retrieve the bodies of the deceased from the water,” added Okema.

“This incident is unfortunate and we extend our heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the victims. We strongly urge workers to approach the labor officers stationed in all District Local Government offices across the country in case of any challenges at their workplaces, before making any drastic decisions.”

Those who perished in the boat accident have been identified as:

  1. Lotyang Peter, 19 years old
  2. Lemukol Simon, 18 years old
  3. Lotham Simon, 30 years old
  4. Lomuria John, 15 years old
  5. Kamur Nomha, 21 years old
  6. Ngole Simon, 21 years old
  7. Lonta Joseph, 19 years old
  8. Lucumwa Simon, 35 years old
  9. Lokuwam Joseph, 19 years old

It should be remembered that Ugandan workers have often suffered at the hands of foreign investors including Chinese and Indians. Weeks ago, angry Ugandans nearly killed a Museveni minister who was reportedly defending an Indian investor accused of evicting locals from their land. (See Details Here).

Months earlier, a Chinese blocked a Museveni minister from entering a factory to investigate the mistreatment and horrible working conditions of Ugandan labourers. (Read Stories Here and There).

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