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REVEALED: How CMI-Detained Relative Betrayed Nadduli Family Members, Linked Them to Busiika Attack, Gun Theft

Hajji Abdu Nadduli. Photo by NUP Uganda

Fresh details are slowly emerging on the arrest of and detention, for hours, of members of the family of former minister without portfolio Hajji Abdul Nadduli. Up to 10 relatives of Nadduli were arrested by operatives of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), only for them to be released many hours later. 

The 10, most of whom are residents of Kelegge Village in Nakasekke District’s Ssemuto Sub County included: Sulaiman Nadduli, the Imam of Fatuma Shamisi Kalege Mosque; Yusuf Jakana, Issa Gabindadde, Lubulwa Muhamadi, Kassim Kyanjo, Isma Ssenkubuge, Jamadah Mugga, Rehema Nakungu, and Mwamin Nalubulwa.

Driven to their home at about 7pm on the evening of Tuesday, November 08, the suspects were released without charge. Now it has emerged that Nadduli’s family members were grilled over the recent attack on Busiika Police Station where two police officers were shot dead. The attack on the police station has led to new changes, including closure of police stations and withdrawal of officers. (See Details Here).

Now back home, Nadduli’s relatives have claimed that they were detained somewhere in Kololo in Kampala where they were quizzed over the attack at Busiika Police Station and how much they knew about the assailants behind the raid as well as the guns that were stolen during the attack.

As expected of all innocent people, Nadduli’s relatives say they had no idea about the whereabouts of the guns, although the detectives sounded like they had evidence to prove that at least one of the guns stolen from Busiika was in the hands of the family of the former minister and National Resistance Army (NRA) bush war hero.

Ex-minister Nadduli has since revealed that  Deputy CMI Chief Brig Gen Abdul Rugumayo informed him that the spy agency’s operatives had arrested his family members following a wrong and misleading clue offered by their relative. This relative had told CMI operatives that Nadduli’s family members were in possession of a gun either stolen from the Busiika attack scene of crime or one used in the raid.

But CMI officers were unable to find the gun when they searched the homes of the arrested Nadduli family members. According to available reports, Nadduli was further told that the man who had alleged that the gun stolen from Busiika Police Station was in the hands of the former minister’s family members appeared to have had some kind of mental illness, and could have misled the operatives of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence.

The man who who reportedly misled the CMI operatives and has since been labelled ‘mentally ill’ has been identified as Jamada Mugga, a relative of the Naddulis. Mugga had earlier been arrested over charges that are yet to be established. It is believed that he could have lied to security officers so as to be released.

The arrest of the 10 Nadduli family members came days after the death of the former minister’s son Jakana Nadduli who breathed his last a few weeks after his release from prison for promoting sectarianism against Banyankore and Banyarwanda tribes. The burial of Jakana Nadduli was full of chaos, including the beating up of an NRM mobilizer like a chicken thief. (See Details Here, There and Over There).

Following the death of his son Jakana, Hajji Nadduli had demanded to know from President Museveni what he had done to him or his First Family members “to deserve this.” (Full Story Here).

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