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REVEALED: Here are Wealthy Speaker Anita Among’s Properties; Her New Mansion Leaves Ugandans Shocked

A health facility said to be located in Bukedea, and Speaker Anita Among's new house

The Ugandan economy might not be doing well. But some people such as Speaker of Parliament Anita Annet Among may not be complaining. It seems that Ugandans did not know much about Among’s wealth even after she has spent some years as deputy speaker and speaker of Parliament.

So, when she paraded her mansion, which is almost complete, in her home district of Bukedea, some Ugandans seemed shocked that Among had managed to put up such a huge house in a district where thousands are wallowing in poverty, where hospitals are sick and schools desperate for oxygen.

This weekend was perhaps one of Anita Among’s biggest. She hosted hundreds of MPs she superintends over to a thanksgiving service held at her home Kamutur Sub-County in Bukedea District which represents in Parliament as the Women Representative or MP.

Images of her mansion spread on social media like wildfire and they were quickly juxtaposed with images depicting the deplorable state of schools and hospitals in the area.

One of the comparisons was with the district’s main hospital: ill equipped and in a deplorable condition.

Among is the country’s third important office holder – at least officially. She manages hundreds of billions that run Parliament every year.

Among, whose husband is Fufa boss, MP and ICT Committee chairperson Moses Magogo, is said to be a wealthy woman.

Even before she joined this powerful office, Among, who was formerly in the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) before ‘seeing the light’ and joining the ruling NRM government of President Museveni, is said to have made some money.

Her properties remain a closely guarded secret.

But some people say she owns Bukedea Comprehensive Academy, one of the best schools in eastern Uganda, and other investments estimated at about Shs20bn.

She also paraded her cows at the weekend, revealing that Museveni donated 100 cows to her when she visited the president’s farm in Kisozi.

It should be remembered that Speaker Among was months ago in the news after she and her deputy bought multi-billion cars for ceremonies. A journalist who dug deep into the procurement of the cars was later chased from a house she was renting in Kampala. (See Details Here, There and Over There).

Although Anita Among may be the country’s number three and wealthy, she might not have much power and influence beyond what President Museveni allows her, some political analysts have previously argued.

You can read about the most powerful and influential men and women in Museveni’s government, who only hold positions of presidential advisors, Here.

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