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REVEALED: Here are Cecilia Ogwal’s Last Words to Her Family Before She Died

Don't Behave Like Babies: Cecilia Ogwal Told Brothers Before She Died

Cecilia Ogwal. Courtesy Photo


In her final days in an Indian hospital, Dokolo District Woman MP Cecilia Ogwal was not only upbeat about her recovery but also seemed to send a message of appreciation to those who had helped her get specialized medical treatment. In what sounded like her last words, she also sent a message to her relatives, her brothers Alfred and Lawrence.

In the audio, Cecilia Ogwal, said she was proud of her ‘powerful daughters’ that make her do what she normally does. She urged them to join her other powerful daughters like Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, the Lira City MP and health minister.

“I want to insist that they must team up with you and make the family strong,” she said.

Cecilia Ogwal noted that she left Uganda when she was “helpless and couldn’t move on my own. Now within two, three days, I’m able to walk, I’m able to talk and I’m able to do all these things that I ordinarily never used to do in the couple of days before I came in here.”

The vocal Cecilia Ogwal then prayed for blessings upon her ‘daughters.’ She warned that nobody should cry over her health condition.

“So, my daughters, I love you. Thank you for doing all that you have done for me. God has not forgotten [your good deeds] that one I promise you.

“And my family, none of you should call me when they are crying,” said Cecilia Ogwal, telling her relatives to first cry and wipe their tears before calling her.

Cecilia Ogwal also told her family members to call Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng in case they need treatment or food (represented by the popular malakwang delicacy).


She sent greetings to her brothers, Alfred and Lawrence and emphatically told them ‘you’re in charge’ of the family.”

“Nobody is going to behave like a baby because you’re now strong men, strong pillars in that home and you must make sure everything is fine,” Cecilia Ogwal added.

At the end of the audio, she said there had been surprising developments including a discovery on the functionality of her liver.

Cecilia Ogwal was optimistic she would recover.

“I think volumes and volumes of prayers have been poured into the heavenly places and God has heard our prayers,” she said.

Cecilia Ogwal did not make it. She passed on January 18, 2024.

You can read Cecilia Ogwal’s profile HERE.

Meanwhile, Parliament and Cecilia Ogwal’s FDC party have clashed over her burial program. (See Details Here).

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