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REVEALED: Bushenyi Female Politician’s Video Leaked after She Failed to Pay Shs20m to Youthful Man Who ‘Chewed’ Her


A disgruntled youthful man has been leaked the bedroom video of a female politician from Bushenyi District after she reportedly failed to pay him a whopping Shs20m for the short recording. 

The youthful man, who is yet to be identified, recorded himself ‘chewing’ a female politician believed to be Annah Nabukera, the former Kyabugabo Parish Councilor who lost her seat  to Oliver Katushabe in the 2021 elections after serving for two terms.

Nabukera is said to have been married to a one Kasiano for some years but divorced after producing four children for the man who resides in Nyakajumo Village, Kyamugabo Parish, Ibaare Sub-County in Bushenyi District.

The video captures Nabukera parading her ‘Garden of Eden,’ which the energetic youthful man ‘harvests,’ slowly nibbling at the ‘fruit’ in the ‘akakyabari style of harvesting fruits.’ Seemingly enjoying the moment, Nabukera is seen relishing every moment.

But the politician clearly warns the youthful man to be careful and not to be tempted or forget and let the milky juices stream from his ‘garden tool’ into her ‘pot.’

Also worth noting from the video is that Nabukera is a well known Catholic who does not leave her rosary behind. As the young man is ‘harvesting her beans,’ the rosary is seen dangling from one side to another as if warning her not to return Jesus to the cross.

Perhaps due to how happy she was with the harvesting, Nabukera did not notice that the harvester of her beans was busy recording everything that took place.

Local media reports say that the man shared the recording with Nabukera and threatened to release it to the public if she does not cough Shs20m. That Nabukera tried to look for the money to safe her face but failed given the hard economic times the country is going through.

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